How Do I Earn Gems

There are a few different ways to earn Gems in game:

  • You will win a few Gems every time you play a game.  The further you progress, the more Gems you win!
  • You can earn some Gems AFTER each game by watching a short video ad.  You can do this about once every 20 minutes.
  • Every 6 hours or so, after a game, we give you some freebie Gems, because you're awesome!
  • Shadoe the Rogue - whether you are playing him, or whether he has joined you as a friend - will give a couple of Gems (and a couple of Loot Keys) when you activate his Spell.
  • Quests are a GREAT source of lots of Gems.  There are some quests you can only do once, but there are also LOTS of quests you can complete every day.
  • Finally, you can purchase Gems in our store!
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