How Do I Find my Account Name?

Your Account Name is important if you need to contact our support team.  You'll also need it to keep your progress sync'ed across multiple devices, or to give to friends!


1. First make sure you HAVE an account name!

  • Press the FRIENDS button on the game's startup menu
  • Look at the bottom of your screen.
  • If you see your account name, great!  You have it!
  • If not, follow the steps below to create an account name


2. Got to the Registration Menu!

    • Press the Banner in the top left of your screen, to open up the new menu
    • Enter an account name in the space provided
    • Now exit the Registration Menu, and press the FRIENDS button
    • Look at the bottom of your screen - you'll see your account name there


Note that your ACCOUNT NAME might be slightly different to the one you typed in... this signifies there was already somebody with this name, sorry!

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